gathering your supplies

When you plan your next wallpapering project, gathering your supplies is easy!

Once you have you removed the old wallpaper completely, you need to gather the tools you will need to wallpaper the room again. The first supply is, of course, your wallpaper.

The pattern and color of your wallpaper will be largely a matter of choice. Buying the correct amount of wallpaper is important. While you do not want to run out before your project is complete, you also do not want to have too much left over when you are done.

  • You can figure the amount of wallpaper by carefully measuring the square footage of the area you are covering.
  • Square footage can be calculated by multiplying the length and width of each plane on your walls.
  • Be sure to subtract the windows, closets, and doors from this amount.
  • Purchase an amount of wallpaper that gives you a little extra to work with.
  • Besides the right amount of wallpaper, you will also need a paint tray to hold water or adhesive, paint rollers, seam roller, a paint brush for smoothing the wallpaper, a putty knife, spackle, primer, wallpaper sizing, sandpaper, a mixing bucket, and a step stool or step-ladder before you start your wallpaper installation project.

    If you are ready to gather your supplies, come see us.

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